Ukrsilicate LLC is a company specializing in the production of industrial products. One of the main activities is production of alkali silicates, primarily potassium-containing silicates.

Today, the life and development of any industrial company dictate tough market conditions, rising prices for raw materials and energy sources, continuous severization of requirements to the products quality. Ukrsilicate adequately responds to the external conditions by working closely with customers and large planned investments in the development of the products. Our technology allows no compromises, there are only the most reliable and efficient solutions.

We carry out a complex approach to the modernization of the equipment, while the accumulation of innovation within a five-year production cycle is implemented in the full reconstruction of the entire plant.


Thus, in 2013 there was one more full-scale technical re-equipment of the production site, we introduced dozens of enhancements that allow to improve the competitiveness of our products. As a result, today Ukrsilicate LLC not only corresponds to the modern international level of technology, but also outperforms the competitors in many ways.

Despite the high level of automation and mechanization, it is impossible to achieve the main objectives of the company without development of skills of the company’s team. The organization of new working places, providing of a safe and favorable working conditions, personnel training with the aim to improve their skills, active position in social and environmental areas - we went all the way from the ruins to the modern company.

Ukrsilicate LLC is a young company with great experience, potential for development and ability to worthily occupy a niche in the industry.