Lithium water glasse
Lithium — is a representative of the concept of chemical surface hardening. It is an aqueous solution of lithium silicate. Lithium is a clear liquid with shades of yellow, blue, or blue-gray. Basically contains salt - lithium silicate Li2O * (SiO2) n. It is known for its original properties due to its high lithium content. Penetrating into the top layer of concrete, Lithium reacts with the components and constituents of the cement stone to form substances that have increased hardness and resemble cement stone minerals in structure. Neoplasms contribute the formation of additional chemical bonds in the concrete matrix. Strength, wear resistance, impact strength increase concrete.

On request, we offer the following types of packaging (packaging) of liquid glass: 5L bucket - 50l barrel , barrel - 200 liters, IBC - 1000L. The cost of packaging is included in the price of liquid.

Lithium water glass
Organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics

Name Molar ratio Density, g/cm3 Viscosity, mPa*s
LITHIUM 1070 3,9-4,1 1050-1080 40-80
LITHIUM 1100 3,9-4,1 1080-1120 40-80
LITHIUM 1200 3,9-4,1 1180-1200 40-80